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What Do We Mean by “Divine Intimacy”?

September 29, 2008

Very early in our relationship, Terrie and I were astounded by the intensity and depth of our intimacy.  We began asking questions like:  “Are we soulmates?”  “Are we twin souls?” or “Are we twin flames?”  We did some research (books, websites) and had some lively discussions concerning these relationship labels, including with people who considered themselves to be in such relationships.  We found that there was quite a bit of controversy–or at least disagreement–over the definitions of “soulmate”, “twin flame”, etc.  Eventually, we decided to come up with our own way of describing what we were experiencing–one that was both clear and meaningful, at least to us.  Thus we arrived at the phrase “divine intimacy”.

The meaning of intimacy is clear, I think, even though it may look different for each couple.  Intimacy is a conscious choice that two people in relationship make, whereby we seek a deeper level of interaction and connection with each other.  But what makes a relationship “divine”?  For Terrie and I, this means several things.  First, our relationship is an entity in itself, to be cherished, protected and nurtured.  Thus it is something distinct from our individual selves, though it cannot exist without our participation, of course.  Second, spirituality is absolutely central in our relationship.  The awareness of the sacred, especially when we maintain this awareness “in the moment”, creates a quality to our relationship which we call the “divine”.  Seeing our relationship as divine enhances our sense of gratitude for what we experience together.  We actually SEE the divine in each other, for example, when we connect with our souls, especially through extended eye contact.  In fact, we see each other as incarnations of the god and the goddess, especially during lovemaking, which we find takes our sexual experience to a wonderful, expanded dimension.      JEFF